Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sometimes it is so difficult to write when you have children. This morning I got on a half hour ago to write and my son made the whole task almost completely impossible for me. He is 12 and still can not seem to get ready for school without me staying on him or complaining the entire way. He was supposed to wake up an hour ago. Almost one hour later, he is still in his pajamas and I have to leave in less than 5 minutes to drive him to school. He has spent the last hour complaining he needs new shoes because the white part that goes around the shoe is stained. Not because there is actually something wrong with the shoes, because the white rubber that goes around the shoe is stained. I can't afford another pair at least until next weekend, but that's not good enough, he needs them now according to him. This little obsession he has over his shoes is beginning to drive me nuts.

Then his next complaint is he needs new chap stick. But, I was prepared for that one. I always keep extra chap stick in the house, because he goes through a chap stick in about two weeks. I don't even know how that is possible.

Kids just don't seem to understand that adults have to pay their bills before filling a need that is not an immediate need. 

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