Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sleep Overs

I enjoy the school year, because it gives me some "me time" to get work done at home during the day without interruptions considering I work at home. However, the kids drive me nuts with sleep overs. With two kids, they don't see anything wrong with someone sleeping over every weekend. But, sometimes I just get tired of someone else's child always being here on the weekends. It just gets out of control sometimes, because they think they should take turns with the sleep overs or even overlap the sleep overs sometimes. What they don't understand is we don't always want kids here every weekend.

The house is always messy when there are sleep overs and it becomes difficult to sit down and watch a movie because of all the noise. Then let's add they plow through the junk food when they have sleep overs. What do kids like to do during sleep overs? They like to run around being loud because they are excited to be having a sleep over and eat. Which means there is going to be an extra trip to the store to replace all the food they went through over the weekend. I think it is completely understandable to not want sleep overs every weekend. Maybe we would like some quiet time or invite adult friends over for some drinks and adult conversation and be able to hear one another speak without having to mediate between the kids or asking them to settle down. But, kids really don't seem to understand that we would like to be able to enjoy our weekend too occasionally, we are just being unfair or some how playing favoritism if they are the ones we are saying no to that weekend. 


  1. This is why I don't allow sleep overs until they are 16. We have late overs. That way by a certain time, I am guaranteed a some quiet time of my own. At 16 I will let them have a few friends sleep over, with conditions. There is a noise curfew. If is broken then no more sleep overs for a while. It has worked out well. I don't like other children and my own running all over the house late at night after I have worked all week.

  2. I wish I had done something like that. They think taking turns isn't too much. But, what they don't realize taking turns is kids sleeping over every weekend with the two of them. They don't understand why we want some quiet time and we are being mean by saying no.