Friday, March 2, 2012

Lollipop Pipes

The new lollipop pipe has people outraged and I can understand why. The packaging says the pipe is a lollipop and can actually be used, it will not burn. The lollipop is in the candy isle of some gas stations and stores and is being sold to children. The packaging says "legalize" and comes in a variety of flavors. It amazes me what people come up with and could care less about who  is going to want the product. I realize they sell pipes. However if your going to make a product like this, it should only be available in tobacco stores where only adults of legal age can buy the pipe. It's a pipe, it doesn't matter what it is made of, it's still a pipe! 


  1. I have one of the pipes you speak of. I purchased it in an adult store where children are not allowed. The packaging may say legalize, but realize there is nothing to smoke out of it included. I have never seen this product in any store that even allows children inside. The real responsibility lies with the parents, but it IS only candy.


    1. Of course not. It could not be legally sold if there was. Common sense will tell you that one. The story came out because it could be and was purchased in stores where children could purchase the pipe. The responsibility lies with our government to not allow them to be purchased by children. We can not be with our children 24/7, it is not possible. Therefore, it is up to the government to make sure it can not get in their hands when they are not in our view.