Friday, February 3, 2012

"Rape Tag" New Recess Game

As I was driving my daughter to the bus stop this morning, I was listening to the radio and they were discussing a new game kids in elementary school are playing, it's called "rape tag". The game is modeled after freeze tag, that the children say they learned of the game on Facebook. Kids are encouraged to tag one another by pulling on their body parts. To unfreeze someone playing the game, another participant has to hump the person who is froze. I was shocked to know that children at such a young age would play such a game. The game is disturbing as it is, but it was especially disturbing to know when I have an 11 year old in the 6TH grade and a 12 year old in the 7Th grade. 

School administration in Minneapolis, (WCCO) at New Ulm Elementary caught almost two dozen 5TH graders playing the game at recess. A parent reported the game to school administration and the principal about the game being played at recess. The principal sprung into action immediately to try and put an end to the game. However, parents are upset because he didn't inform the parents about the game being played at recess.  A letter was sent home to the parents 20 days after the administration were made aware of the game. 

It is just amazing what kids come up with. Last year, I heard my daughter and her friend in the basement singing a hand clapping chant about kissing boys, getting married, having twins with red hair and getting divorced. Well, we put an end to that one. At least hopefully we did. They just try to grow too fast. 

I still blame part of the problem on the television shows the kids watch now a days. So, many of them portray children as not having any rules on the shows, being allowed to come and go as they please and being allowed to have boys or girls in their rooms. They portray them as little adults. We do our best to monitor what they watch. But, if you watch the shows on Nick or the Disney channel, that's how the majority of the shows are. The television producers don't stop and think what they are doing to this generation for one second and you think they would. Don't some of them have children, nieces and nephews too? 

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