Thursday, February 9, 2012

Replacing Those Dreaded Items

Anyone else have the bad habit of not replacing things until you absolutely have to? I am one those people. I hate having to replace rugs, curtains, comforters and throw pillows until I have to. Those items are so pricey. I just think they cost way more than they should. So, I use them until I get tired of looking at how worn they have become through out the years.

I hate throwing away rugs and comforters. In my house rugs and comforters get demoted. They will move from the living or a bedroom to a door rug if possible. The comforters get moved from the beds to the shelf for visitors then to moving blankets. You always need an old blanket to throw in the back of the truck anytime your moving something you don't want to scratch or that may get your car dirty.

Bed pillows are another one of those dreaded items to replace and I really couldn't tell you why. They are not very expensive, but I will use a pillow until I can longer take it and I have no choice but to replace it.

Don't get me wrong. I actually keep my house decorated very nice. I just hate spending the money to replace those items. It seems as though, they never last as long as they should with children in the house. But of course, nothing seems to last as long as they should with children in the house. Thank God, for income tax returns. Well, at least while you have children to claim as dependents. Once all your children grow up, the IRS will eat you alive.

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