Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Should Boys Participate In The Valentine's Day Celebration At School?

While driving in my car this morning listening to Mojo in the Morning, they were discussing should boys participate in the Valentine’s Day celebration in school exchanging valentines. Apparently, a parent one of the hosts knows, doesn't think his son who is 10, should participate in exchanging valentines at school because it is something only girls do.

In my opinion, I really don't think it is going psychological damage a boy exchanging valentines in school. Let him pick out the Valentine’s Day cards, so he picks the ones he likes. I think not allowing him to participate in school activities will do more harm than allowing him to participate. The poor boy is going to feel left out while everyone is passing out valentines, he will just be sitting in his seat angry at his father for not allowing him to participate. I look at it this way, you’re not sending him to school in a dress and if you have to work that hard at being masculine, your questioning your own masculinity. 

What is your opinion? Do you think boys should participate in the exchanging valentines at school when they are young?

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