Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today on Dr. Phil

I just finished watching Dr. Phil and I almost wish I hadn't watched it. Today, he had a girl on there who was rescued from her parents when she was eight years old. The little girl was severely physically and sexually abused. When she was discovered by a neighbor, she called the police to have the little girl removed from the home. When the police rescued her from her home, she was severely underweight, malnourished, had a blockage from eating wood, plastic, her own feces, dog food, and anything she could get her hands on. The poor little girl had to have reconstructive surgery to rebuild her vagina and rectum. She had tears and scars from her vagina to her rectum from being sexually abused by her parents and her parent's friends. Her parents would invite people over to have sex with her. If she made a sound or did not do what she was told, she was beaten and even threatened with a gun.

The story is horrifying. It makes you wonder how did they keep her as long as they did without anyone knowing she existed. It makes you wonder about the family members, the parents and the people who would participate in her abuse. The little girl was removed from the home when she was an infant, but the courts gave her back to her parents when she was two and she suffered the abuse from the time she was two years old until she was eight years old. Where was children services during those six years? I really hope whoever was supposed to be following up on the little girl lost her job and they should have went to prison with the parents.

By the time the show was over, I felt sick to my stomach from listening to the abuse the poor little girl endured for so many years. Too many people have the attitude of just minding their own business when they think that a child may be possibly be abused. I don't think anyone should ignore when they suspect a child is being abused. If there are signs of abuse or neglect, do the child a favor and report it.


  1. This just make me sick as well. I thought that C.P.S was suppose to do follow up checks periodically? In my job I am bound legally to report any abuse that I am notice or may suspect. But it does not good if C.P.S is not doing their job. Frustrating!

    1. It is very frustrating. I have worked in the field as a child and family advocate. It it seems too often kids come back with something even worse happening to them, because cps is over booked and the judges almost always return kids to parents that have no business having children in the first place. I have heard some real horror stories, because somebody was doing their job. It's a shame someone should have to suffer such terrible abuse.