Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sugar Regulated As A Toxin?

According to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), sugar she be treated as a toxin and should be regulated the same as alcohol. We all know sugar is not good for your body or your teeth. But, I think regulating it the same as alcohol is a little excessive. Yes, many Americans have problems with obesity, but I really don't think it comes down to sugar. Sugar may play a role in the problem, but I think the main cause comes from so many Americans being on the run a lot and not taking the time to eat proper meals.

Americans eat too much fast food. Whether it be in the restaurants or from the frozen food isle.  There are bigger fish to fry than sugar. How about all the chemicals that are being added to our food, the chemicals that are being pumped into animals to produce larger animals or regulating the overseas manufacturers? No one seems to touch that topic. That may be because they don't want to make that many manufacturers angry. Huge amounts of artificial sodium and additives are added to frozen foods. So many Americans rely on frozen food and fast food restaurants to accommodate their busy schedule of work, picking up the kids from school and activities. 

The part I do agree with is, the soda, Gatorade, candy bars and all the junk food should be removed from the schools. Sugar consumption should be left up to the parents. It really irritates when I am trying to limit my child's junk food consumption and they can go to school and buy soda, Twix bars and Gatorade. Even though they know they are not supposed to buy those types of things at school, they do it anyway, because they are children. Schools should promote healthier eating habits. Instead, they give them the option to load up on junk food while the parents are trying to limit the junk food. 

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